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APRIL 21-23

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Kindergarten Readiness

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From Mr. Stephens, DPP

Congratulations goes to Liberty Elementary for winning the 7th month attendance award and to Jones Park for winning the 7th month most improved attendance award!  We are running 95.58 percent as a district for the year, we would like to give a thanks to all the schools and staff that are putting forth the extra effort!

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School Days

School days will be extended 45 minutes beginning April 7, 2014.  Release times will be:    Elementary at 3:25, CCMS at 3:39 and CCHS at 3:45.  The last day for students is currently scheduled for June 4, 2014.

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CCMS Academic Team

CCMS Academic Team held it's annual banquet with competiton for quick recall and dinner for students and parents.  Students attending were William Gossage, Marlie Blake, Brayden Brown, Matthew Blackwood, Austin Williams, Shelby Emerson, Riley Hoskins, Hanna McQueary, Chloe Smith, Zach Rowland.  Trophies were provided by Monticello Bank.

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kids team Kids Team

Kid's Team has had a busy.  We were honored to be visited by US Marshal, Josh Devine who spoke about gun safety and the importance of physical exercise! His wife Lesley Divine works at the pentagon and she spoke to the children about disaster preparedness, the importance of safety drills. and other things the pentagon is responsible for, We also had a visit from Carmen Foster who helped with our early Spanish program!

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TAH: Teaching American History Grant is Alive and Well in Casey County
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Casey County Early Childhood Data Profile

The Governor's Office of Early Childhood (GOEC) released county-specific early childhood data profiles aimed at highlighting barriers to school readiness. 

View Early Childhood Profile Click Here


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Community, Family, Student and Alumni Survey

Tell us what you think.  Take this 9 question survey to share your opinion on what we do well and how we can improve.

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Cinderella’s Closet is open!  To view our dresses enter the photo gallery located on the right.  Click on the Cinderella’s Closet icon.  Click any photo for size and price information.  Lay-a-way plans are available.  For more information call 787-6566.

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