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Curriculum & Instruction

Luann Williams
Director of District Wide Program


Shawn Pierce
Director of District Wide Programs

Boyd Harris
Director of District Wide Program


As educational leaders in the Casey County School District, our mission is to:

  • communicate high expectations for teaching and learning 
  • set rigorous goals for student achievement
  • create a community where ideas are shared by educators across the district and discipines, thus enabling students to reach their maximum academic, social and emotional potential
  • increase the quality of student learning

Included on this website are resources for curriculum and instruction.  The integration of technology into the curriculum has proven to be very motivating and effective in helping students learn and reach their highest potential.  We are focused on meeting the needs of our 21st century learners and we feel that these resources will help teachers, students, and parents on their journey to becoming life-long learners. 

The Casey County School District strives to provide our students with high quality instruction and access to the best educational resources available.  In addition to the instructional activities and resources used in our classrooms every day, the educational websites listed below offer teachers and students a unique opportunity for ongoing discovery learning, inquiry, and skill practice.  


The Casey County School District does not endorse the products and services advertised on the websites  nor the products and services advertised on the links from the websites identified.

CCHS  Curriculum Coach
Tracie Hoskins

CCMS  Curriculum Coach
Lindsay Keen

Jones Park Elementary Curriculum Coach
Lisa Ware

Walunt Hill Elementary Curriculum Coach
Amy Thompson

Liberty Elementary School
Lindsay Blevins