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Preparing Students for Life

On behalf of the board of education, administrators, and our staff, I would like to introduce you to the Casey County School District. Casey County Schools serve more than 2,200 students ranging from preschool through high school. The students in our school system work hard in the classroom and excel in a vast array of extracurricular activities. You will find that the staff in our district are committed to supporting our students and will always focus on our students being LIFE READY when they graduate. Our school system offers an educational experience that focuses on academics, social and emotional supports, safety, and a commitment to high quality instruction and engagement in extracurricular programs. Our goal is to ensure our students graduate and are able to portray strong standards of:

Resiliency -  I take charge of a situation and persist through difficult challenges.

Integrity -  I demonstrate strong moral values by being honest, trustworthy, and dependable.

Service-Minded -  I help others without expecting something in return.

Excellence -  I achieve challenging personal and professional goals.

I want to welcome members of our community to be active participants in our work, and you are always welcome to our school activities and events. I think you will find that Casey County is a great place to live, attend school, and to raise a family. Welcome to Casey County Schools.


Barry D. Lee
Casey County Schools

Junior CYC student interviews Superintendent about vapes.

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