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Alejandra Woodrum
District Technology Coordinator / CIO

606-787-6941 Ext. 8211


David Davis
Network Operations Manager

606-787-6941 Ext. 8212


Christopher Petrey
Network Administrator

606-787-6941 Ext. 8210



Have a Technolgy Problem?

Here is a fast, simple way to get help with a problem.  The email address, school room number and 4-digit extension number are ways we can communicate with you to resolve issues you may have.  

Submit a technology request

Self Service Password Reset

Teachers and Staff!

The Casey County IT Department is making it easier than ever for you to recover your password if you ever forget it. You can now reset, unlock, or change your password without having to contact us!  

First you must register for Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) to enable the feature.  You can complete the sign-up process using your existing credentials (username and password) that you use to login today.  You will have the option to set up an Authentication Phone to be called or texted a verification code, an Authentication Email (cannot be your district email address) to be sent a verification code.  Additonally, you can download the Microsoft Authenticator App to your iPhone or Android from their respective stores, and follow the simple and easy directions to set up and use the app to authenticate easily and quickly without the need for texts or entering codes. Please note you must be on campus in order to register.

Register Here

Once you have registered, if you ever forget your password, you can reset it yourself using the following link:

Self-Service Password Reset

Casey County Board of Education Annex building Training Room reservation instructions:

1.      Please check the district web site calendar for available date/time you want to reserve the Annex Training Room (calendar tab at the top of the website)

2.      Then, submit a Help Desk ticket with name of event, date(s) and time(s).  [click here to submit a ticket]

3.      Next, the Tech Department will post the event information to the web calendar on the district webpage.  You will receive notification once we have completed the request.

NOTE:  You will have the Annex in reserve, but remember to invite attendees. 

Contact Tech Department with any issues.


Casey County School District abides by Kentucky Technology System (KETS) standards set forth in the KETS Master Plan.  [KETS standards] (KRS 156.160) stipulates that the Kentucky Board of Education has a statutory mandate to prescribe standards, which school districts shall meet.  Those standards call for specifications in equipment, software and services that work together thus contributing to a stable environment and providing a framework for vendor contracts known as KETS contracts.  Districts are required by 701 KAR 5:110 to procure only those technologies that meet KETS standards, if a standard for that category has been established, regardless of source of funds.  The technology department supports standardized equipment from the KETS contract, is required to assign commodity codes on purchase orders and completes purchases online. [KETS Product and Technical Standards]  Please contact us before purchasing.